Skills Improvement Course

This was new for 2014 and this course allows you to rapidly improve your driving ability.

There is no pressure on you as there is no test at the end of the course, the idea is that you improve the standard of your driving quickly (saving you months of weekly lessons) and then finish off your driving when you return back home, or if you prefer you can return to complete your driving with a short course and a practical test at the end!

We can even help you with your theory and include a theory test for just £35 extra!

The main advantages

There are so many advantages to learning like this but the main ones are as follows;

  • Clearly at the top of the list is that it will save you many weeks of those ‘weekly lessons’ getting nowhere fast!
  • There will probably be less pressure on you as there is no deadline of the test at the end of the course!
  • You will probably be more confident taking your test back home on the roads that you know, improving your chances of a ‘first time’ pass!
  • You will be able to judge better the amount of lessons required and so it could also save you money!
  • With no test to be arranged (subject to availability) you are able to choose the time that suits you best!

The cost

You are really free to choose what hours suit you best but based on previous experience we would suggest the following;

10 hour course taken over 2 days, £290 for manual or £299 for automatic

15 hour course taken over 3 days, £435 for manual or £449 for automatic 

20 hour course taken over 4 days, £579 for manual or £599 for automatic

25 hour course taken over 5 days, £725 for manual or £749 for automatic

We can also arrange great accommodation for only £45 per night!