Our instructors

We like to try new things and will update this page from time to time with some of the things we have been up to, here is the latest.

This is us having a go at rally driving

si50Here is Simon doing his ‘top gun’ pose, we think he is more Goose than Maverick!

mark50Mark clearly not doing a top gun pose!

c1Sadly ‘kicking up the dust’ does not look as good in the picture!

m2Mark was looking so pleased with himself

m3We think it was the relief that he did not mess it up! It was never going to happen at that speed, mirror, signal, manoeuvre was the order of the day!

c2This was what was left of the car after we were let loose in it!

What you can’t see is the petrol pouring out the bottom so we thought it best to stop driving it! At least one of the tyres had seen better days too!