Terms and Conditions

We have always been keen to give you as much information as possible as we do not want there to be any ‘small print’ so here are our terms and conditions which cover ALL bookings. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like any points made clearer.

All our training is given on a one-to-one basis by a fully qualified D.S.A. approved instructor, in their own vehicle which could be petrol or diesel with 5 or 6 speed gearbox. Please let us know if you require anything specific.

Accommodation where included is Bed and Breakfast only, it will normally have towels, TV and drinks facilities in the room, but we reserve the right to change this in certain circumstances

We cannot be held responsible for Tests cancelled by the Driving Standards Agency or bad weather as these are beyond our control but will try our utmost to make the best of things.

We reserve the right to withhold the use of our school vehicle if we feel you have not reached sufficient standard to take the driving test so please make sure you book the correct course for the standard you are at.

We also reserve the right to withhold the use of our school vehicle if there are signs of alcohol or substance abuse until the pupil is in a fit condition to legally drive. Any abusive, offensive or other such conduct will not be tolerated and the course may be terminated without notice. We cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred due to misconduct.

We cannot guarantee a Test Pass (no-one can) but rest assured we will always try our best as your pass represents the best advert we could possibly have.

You will usually have the same vehicle and instructor for the duration of the course, however we reserve the right to change your instructor and/or vehicle at short notice due to illness or transport problems.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel part of your course due to vehicle or instructor problems and not be able to finish your course then we will rearrange your test and the balance of the course for as soon as possible or offer a full refund for the part of the course that we have not been able to complete.

If you are late arriving, we will try to make up the missed time, however this is not always possible due to other commitments.

Our instructors have the right to refuse tuition should your eyesight not reach the legal minimum required. This is for safety reasons and no refund will be offered as it was beyond our control. Please make sure you can read a registration plate from 20.5 metres away.

Sadly we are only human and mistakes can happen, for this reason we will ask you to check ALL the details of your test booking at the D. S. A. website, full details supplied when you book your course with us. This means that we cannot be held responsible for any errors that prevent your test from taking place.

We accept no liability for personal property that is left in the accommodation or training vehicle but will try our best to return such items to you.

Lastly, we cannot be held responsible for tests that do not take place because you do not have a valid licence and/or photographic proof of identity with you. See below and contact us immediately if you are unclear on what is needed.

Due to Data Protection we will not discuss any pupil’s individual aspect of the course without their written consent.

Please note you will need photographic proof of identity when taking either test. This means you need both parts of the new style photo licence (which must be valid, check date 4b) or if you have the old style licence then you MUST BRING A VALID PASSPORT.


As you will appreciate it takes a lot of time and effort to arrange these courses and cancellations at short notice are usually very difficult to fill, for this reason we offer compensation of cancelled courses as follows

More than 28 days notice, just the deposit is payable.

Between 14 and 28 days then 50% of total cost payable

Less than 14 days notice then the total amount is payable

Should you decide to leave before the course is completed we will not be expected to refund any money but as an act of goodwill we will gladly look at discounting any future courses you decide to book with us.