Our Latest Availability

resizedimage300315-page5picture01328514926The whole country seems to be trying to book tests after almost a year of lockdowns so getting tests are almost impossible but the DVSA are doing their best to train more examiners however this will take time!

When these tests come up we can only book them with your details so you need to fill out our online booking form but currently this is likely to be late September or October, we will also give you first option of any earlier tests that might come up.

You can do a course without a test so you can book one local to you if you can get one which is a great option as local instructors are unlikely to fit more than a few hours in or do one with us if a test comes up whilst we are busy with other courses.

If you want to do a course with us THIS SUMMER then you need to fill out our booking form NOW before all the spaces go!

Click here to fill out our booking form NOW!  

PLEASE NOTE We will deal with all bookings in strict order so the sooner you contact us then then sooner you will get your test!

Latest availability for our other courses

Due to the lack of tests we will have earlier spaces for our Leap Forward courses and Half & Half courses, these do not come with a test but will allow you to look for any test cancellations so are well worth doing, please contact us if you are interested!