Funny Story 15

Today as I am writing this car driving tests have just started up after yet another long break due to Covid and for that reason I am not doing my usual weekly diary page today instead I would like to sing the praises of some of the unsung hero's of our society, THE DRIVING TEST [...]

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Funny Story 14

21st February - Anker day! I was on test today with 'Anker' who was telling me he is so busy he is turning away at least 10 people every day which might have sounded really impressive but my 'bullshit receptor' was working overtime and I think all the other instructors were of the same opinion [...]

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Latest news from the DVSA

Extending theory test centre opening hours From Monday 10 May to Wednesday 30 June, we’ll extend the opening hours at most theory test centres in England and Wales, where conditions allow. Typically, centres will be open earlier and close later in the evenings. For example, some centres will be open from 8am to 8pm, and [...]

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Funny Story 13

19th February - The superglue day! Had a very strange day today which started with a panic call from my brother who had broken his car key in the car door lock and was stuck at a service station near me. His plan was to take the door lock apart to recover part of the [...]

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Funny Story 12

17th February Waved to Mark 7 times today! Yes he is back from his holidays and normality has returned! 18th February - Road Rage day! Do you ever wonder what goes on in the head of young people today? I have just had a strange conversation with one of my 17 year old students today [...]

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Funny Story 11

13th February - Winter weather! It happens every year, that four letter word 'SNOW' and yet it aways seems to be such a shock to everyone! I swear just two flakes of snow have fallen this morning and the phone has not stopped ringing with the 'is my lesson still on?' calls! Today it seems [...]

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Funny Story 10

11th February What a dull day in both weather and everything else so absolutely nothing to report. 12th February - Popeye takes his test So today I had a customer take his test who is like Popeye, now when I say he is like Popeye I am not referring to his face or the way [...]

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Funny Story 9

10th February - Never a dull day at the test centre! I had a test today (please to say they passed) but it was a strange time at the test centre, firstly one candidate, a young lad turned up for a test with his dad. Nothing wrong with that except the lad was in the [...]

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Funny Story 8

8th February No sighting of Mark, still on holiday this week! 9th February - That was my mum! I must remember not to say the wrong thing, I am sure I have said this again and again but do I learn? Today is a great example as having been stuck trying to pull out of [...]

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Funny Story 7

1st February Strange day today as I did not see Mark once today! 2nd February Yet again no sightings of Mark, it seems so strange not waving to him, I hope he is OK! 3rd February Still no sign of Mark, if I do not see him tomorrow I am going to call him and [...]

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