Gift Vouchers

Stuck for what to get someone?

Why not give them a really useful gift!

Gift Vouchers for ‘Hourly lessons’

Our gift vouchers are for an hour of tuition with us, just choose how many you would like at £29 each for manual or £30 each for automatic!

Gift Vouchers for ‘intensive courses’

Just choose what course you would like and we will produce a voucher specially for you to pass on!

How to order

Simply email us your requirement by clicking on this text!

We will send you a confirmation email with full payment details, options include cheque, bank transfer, Debit or Credit cards.
Once your payment is received then we will post the voucher or vouchers to you.

More Information

The vouchers will have an expiry date but will last for at least a year!
The vouchers are transferrable as they will not have any name attached to them!
You can use ‘Automatic’ vouchers for manual lessons or visa versa but there is an extra charge of £1 per hour when using ‘manual’ vouchers for automatic lessons.
The vouchers cannot be refunded for any reason.