Driving Courses

Which course to choose?

platesYour success is our success but it will only happen if you book the correct course for the standard that you are already at, so be very honest with yourself.

To help you decide we have some pointers for the standard you need to be at for each course, but you can always contact us if you need more advice.

If you have already passed your theory test then we have the following courses;

  • Our 12 and 15 hour course is designed for someone who has just failed a driving test and who’s driving is near perfect. This is spread out over 3 days and will give us time to correct any minor faults and to practice some mock driving tests.
  • Our 18 and 20 hour course is for very good drivers who can get all the manoeuvres correct most of the time. Spread over 3.5 to 4 days it will give us time to put the polish on your driving skills.
  • Our 25 hour course is our most popular course and is great if you have mastered the basics and can get the manoeuvres right some of the time. Over 5 days it is usually arranged from Monday to Friday, this should be enough time to improve all aspects of your driving skills.
  • Our 30 hour course over 6 days is designed for the young novice with just a few hours previous experience or someone who is a bit older and has done many lessons but not picking things up very well.
  • Our 35 hour course being over 7 days is more for the young who have yet to start driving or for someone who is a bit older and has only had a few lessons.
  • Our 40 hour course is over 8 days and is recommended for anyone who has yet to start learning and for those who are already learning but feel that driving is not coming easy to them.

If you have yet  to pass your theory test then we have a course designed just for this, check out our Theory course page

Our courses usually start at around 11:30am when the train arrives in Kings Lynn and we will meet you at the station. If you prefer a more leisurely start or finding it difficult to get to us then we can arrange accommodation for the night before you start for only £80 extra.