Leap Forward Course

If you are looking to improve your ability to drive very quickly then this course could be the answer

There is no pressure as there is no test at the end as the course is designed to improve your skills and allow you to finish your driving back home round the streets you know best.

This should greatly reduce the amount of weekly lessons you need whilst still allowing you the best chance of passing first time!

What are the main advantages of our Leap Forward Course?

Compared with hourly lessons you will require far less hours ‘behind the wheel’ as you will save time by not having to do the ‘introduction/recap’ every lesson and there is far less chance of forgetting things which is what tends to happen with a weeks gap between lessons. This is also a great boost for giving confidence to nervous people and could save you money too!

Our roads are much quieter than those of a city so they are ideal for people just starting to drive but we also have all the problems of traffic calming, dual-carriage ways and much more but without all the stress of busy city traffic so it is a great help for the more experienced learner too!

You will still take your test round the roads you know best so it offers you the best chance of a ‘first time’ pass!

You are completely free to choose the length of course and days that suit you best, just decide how much sooner you would like to be passing your test!

Where will I stay?

We can arrange quality accomodation for you during your course if required. Full details are on our Course Accomodation page

What course should you choose?

It really is your choice but to give you a guide we usually say a total of 40 to 50 hours is required to pass your test so book 30 hours with us and you will probably just need around 10 hourly lessons locally to finish off.

15 hours of tuition

Manual:  £770
Automatic:  £785

Add just £160 for 2 night’s accommodation 

20 hours of tuition

Manual:  £965
Automatic:  £985

Add just £240 for 3 night’s accommodation

25 hours of tuition

Manual:  £1225
Automatic:  £1250

Add £320 for 4 night’s  accommodation

30 hours tuition

Manual: £1425
Automatic: £1455

Add £400 for 5 night’s accommodation

35 hours tuition

Manual: £1605
Automatic: £1640

Add £480 for 6 night’s accommodation

40 hours tuition

Manual: £1805
Automatic: £1845

Add £560 for 7 night’s accommodation