Famous Customers

Over the years we have taught 100’s of people to drive and some have gone on to become well known, like the one’s below;

George Rainsford

George has just recently landed the role of Ethan Hardy in Casualty on BBC 1 but he came to us when he landed the role of Jimmy in ‘Call The Midwife’ and had to be able to drive during in the filming!

George said after his course ”The course was absolutely fantastic. Having been snatching at lessons in busy London I decided it might be better to do an intensive course to finally get my driving test done. It was extremely helpful to be able to focus on driving and nothing else, and the tuition was brilliant. Pete was very calm and informative and I went from a nervous driver to a confident one over just a few days.”

We have also taught the personal assistant to one of the UK’s most popular actors but we cannot say who as at the time of doing this page she had not told him anything about doing the course! It is apparently is a bit of a joke in the office that she cannot drive and we would not want to spoil her moment when she tells him that she has actually passed her test!