Compared with hourly lessons

Some people have said they feel our courses are expensive but if you look at the examples below we hope you will agree we are actually great value for what is QUALITY tuition and service.

As a comparison let us look at one of our long courses and compare it with hourly lessons.

Quality hourly lessons usually cost between £45 and £60 and a 40 hour intensive is equivalent to 45 to 50 hourly lessons in actually achievement, if you live away from the training area it is far more than this as you waste so much of your time just driving back & forth. Just around us it can be as much as 40 minutes out of a 2 hour lesson so more like 60+ hours!

So taking the average price of £50 per hour times by just the minimum 45 hour equivalent, that works out to be £2250, then add the cost of your practical test which is £62 and we have a total of £2312.

That means that just taking the average price into consideration we are over £430 cheaper at £1875 without accommodation and if we said it was equivalent to 50 hours but still at the average price we are a staggering £625 cheaper! If we included our great accommodation for the 7 nights you still save £65 and that is only based on the average option, you could actually be saving even more!

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Remember too that is not just about prices, with intensive courses you will have just practiced the area you are likely to go on your test rather than possibly 5 or 6 weeks previous giving you a better chance of passing which is why it has a higher pass rate than our hourly lessons!

Compared with other companies

It usually pays to shop around but it is very important that you check what is included in the price! We feel it is wrong to quote a price and then you have to add the ‘extras’ in so ALL our courses include one-to-one tuition and the practical test fee. Our residential courses also include great bed & breakfast accommodation too!

You also need to be clear on what you are getting for your money, we had a look at the other companies and quote one website ( who advertise a 40 hour course for a whopping £2816.99 but ours is just £1875 saving you over £940! Even if you add 7 nights at a local B&B at £2435 you still save over £380! On top of that we have much better reviews!

Another company ( is £2265 for 40 hours, which is still £190 more than us, worse still we have helped out so many of their ex customers who had been messed around by them before coming to us and they were then struggling to get refunds back from this company!

Another offers shared tuition so in real terms a 42 hour course is actually just 21 hours behind the wheel. Our clear pricing and one-to-one tuition means a 20 hour course from us translates to 20 hours behind the wheel, so their course may look great value & you might save a few quid but do you really want to spend 21 hours sitting in the back!

What about a guaranteed pass? No-one can actually guarantee you a pass but some offer ‘free’ training if you fail, sounds great but they charge you a lot more, for example one company charges £750 more than us! This would pay for a lot more lessons if you needed any more! To be fair they make it sound good by saying they will give you a £200 refund if you pass first time but remember that is still £550 more that us!

Having said all this the most important thing is the quality of tuition that you are going to receive which is so difficult to judge through a website. We are one of the most recommended intensive driving course company’s in the UK and have been voted “Driving School of the Year (London & South East England) 2023/24” plus ‘Intensive Driving Course Provider of the Year 2020/21’ and that is on top of being voted ‘Best Residential Driving Course Provider 2018 – UK’ we have only got there by being very good at what we do! Don’t just take our word for it check out our reviews, remember it is so important to make the right choice as you only want to do this once! We can see one company high on the Google search who seem to have courses with tests available in just a couple of weeks . It sounds good, in fact too good to be true as Trustpilot are full of complaints about them with 66% giving them the lowest score possible! Even their own Facebook page is full of comments from people complaining about them not delivering what was promised.

Another company on their Google reviews has the last 19 reviews at just ONE STAR, most complaining they cannot get their deposit back even though the company did not deliver what was promised! We only ever ask for a deposit AFTER we have arranged everything for you and we give you the information so can check the test booking first before sending us your deposit!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our tuition and our customers agree with us as ALL our reviews on Google are FIVE STARS, and on another site we have over 360 FIVE STAR reviews, as for complaints, so far just one, this was from the mother of someone on a short course who just could not steer a car . We believe we had dealt with it well and even had a text from her father thanking us for all we done so we are at a loss as to why the mother then left a bad review, amazingly not about our tuition but about there being shootings on every corner where the guest house was! This is complete rubbish as a Google search about shootings in Kings Lynn can only find reference to a gun club!

Be warned, we have heard so many complaints about some companies doing underhand things like not even booking a test for you then telling you on the last day that you are not up to test standard so they will not allow you to take the test and they then pocket your test fee! Except for short notice tests, we always arrange everything for you and we even give you chance to check the arrangements before asking for any payment!