Winter Driving Tips

We would like everyone to be safe this winter and a little effort will go a long way in making life safer for all on the roads. Most of it is common sense but why then do lots of people out there every year clearly lacking this common sense! So here is our list of tips

See and be seen

If your windows are covered in ice or snow then clean them, not just a little letter box size but the whole window and ALL WINDOWS! Plus you need to clear the snow off the roof otherwise when you brake it will end up all over the windscreen! Make sure you have enough additive in the screen wash to stop it freezing!

Check your lights are working, it sounds silly but I would say 20% of the cars have at least one bulb not working and if it is a headlamp you can easily be mistaken for a motorbike!

Get a grip

OK so tyres are black and boring but it is your only contact with the ground and is therefore very important so make sure you have a good amount of tread to pump away water etc. If you have a front wheel drive car make sure you have the best tyres on the front!

Consider fitting winter tyres on your vehicle which can stop in up to 1/3 of the distance of ‘normal’ summer tyres and therefore well worth the investment.

Give your car a service

With it running to the best of it’s ability it will start better and will be less likely to let you down, a little oil sprayed into the locks will mean they are less likely to freeze!

Give yourself time

Remember the saying ‘Ice and snow, take it slow’ better to get there late then not get there at all!

Remember back to your theory, it can take up to 10 times as long to stop so that’s 20 seconds gap you should keep from the vehicle in front!

Be prepared

Be ready for the worst and carry some items just in case, things like a shovel, reflective jacket, torch, blanket, hat & gloves are a must. Jump leads, tow rope, de-icing salt, snow chains are a good ideal too.

More tips to keep you safe