Our Coronavirus Policy

Start with the bad news!

It seems there are still so many parts of the country where getting a test is almost impossible!

Some places we are told have up to 18 months waiting time to get lessons or a practical test and it does not look like this will improve anytime soon!

The good news!

Here in Kings Lynn things have improved but recently we have been swamped with bookings and as a result waiting times have gone up & up, especially for automatics! Please visit ‘our lastest availability‘ page for more details of our waiting times.

We will just add a note here that we are hearing a lot of complaints about other companies giving people the impression that they can get earlier dates then it turns out they cannot, we only offer what we can actually arrange for you! In fact these other companies keep sending us emails asking if we can do the course they have arranged, sadly most instructors are currently too busy to cover any such bookings!

What if there is a problem?

The virus certainly now does not seem any worse than a bad case of the flu & it seems most places now do not look at it in the same way as they did when it first came on the scene. As a result to keep in line with them we would like to make it clear that should you come down with the virus before your course starts then our normal cancellation policy applies, however we want to be as sympathetic as we can given the circumstances so if possible we will try to swap the course with another customer with a later date free of charge!Please note however we cannot guarantee this.

If the examiner is ill and cannot take your test then most likely you will already be on the course so we would do most of the course saving a few hours for you to return and take the test as soon as you can! There is a good chance that if they had to cancel at short notice so you may be able to claim your travel costs and 1.5 hours tuition back from them.

Should you show any ‘Covid’ like symptoms during your course you will need to be tested and if positive the course will have to end there and then. Sadly we will not be able to refund any outstanding time as the instructor will lose lots of income having to self isolate so please be careful with who you mix with before coming to us and PLEASE test before coming!

We should make it clear that masks are no longer required on driving lessons, we will let you decide and we will wear one if you prefer, it is your choice! 

Book now!

Our advice is to book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  because the waiting times are going up fast and it looks like it is only going to get worse! Click here to fill out our booking form!