Our Coronavirus Policy

The good news is we are back at work!

You are now required to wear a mask during your lessons (rest periods can be taken during the lesson) and you must wear a mask when taking your test! Gloves are not necessary as you will need to sanitise your hands before the start of the lesson and your instructor will also sanitise the car between lessons!

We have just about caught up with all our cancelled courses so we start booking you in from mid October! 

The bad news!

Tests are still limited but from Monday 14th September we should be able to get tests up till January! Remember the whole country are trying to book the tests so if you want one you need to fill out our booking form now before they go!

Our Best Advice!

Should you wish to take a test this side of Christmas (sorry for using the C word!) you need to book now! 

Current bookings

If you have not heard from us then please contact us as soon as possible!

Book now!

Our advice is to book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  to get the best test times as everyone will be trying to book the tests! Click here to fill out our booking form!