Our Coronavirus Policy

The good news is hopefully we are back!

The bad news!

Tests have restarted but with 460,000 being rebooked you are unlikely to get one any time soon! I think it is unlikely that we will have any before September or October!  We do expect to be very busy as a result and tests will still be a bit hit & miss for the rest of the year!

Our Best Advice!

We are currently swamped with bookings as there are no tests available anywhere for months and months so you need to book now or you will miss out on any that come up and have to wait even longer! 

What if there is a problem?

Surely we are on top of the virus now but would like to make it clear that should you or our instructor need to cancel the course due to the virus then we will rearrange the course for a later date!

If the examiner is ill and cannot take your test then we would do most of the course saving a few hours for you to return and take the test as soon as you can!

Should you show any ‘Covid’ like symptoms during your course you will need to be tested and if positive the course will have to end there and then. Sadly we will not be able to refund any outstanding time as the instructor will lose lots of income having to self isolate so please be careful with who you mix with before coming to us!

Book now!

Our advice is to book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  because the waiting times are going up fast and it looks like it is only going to get worse! Click here to fill out our booking form!