Hourly Driving Lessons

If you are in the Kings Lynn area then we are happy to offer you the choice of hourly lessons along side our intensive courses as we feel it is up to you to choose what you feel is the best tuition for you!

PLEASE NOTE we are currently FULLY BOOKED so please contact us to join our waiting list and we may be able to get you in for a couple of months time depending on where you live. Remember the longer you leave it before booking, the longer you will have to wait to start so book now!

The idea of this page is to give you as much information as possible so you can make a better choice when deciding what’s best for you.

One Hour Lessons

resizedimage150112-police-slowOriginally what most learners did. We meet, recap what we covered on the previous lesson and set out what we hope to achieve this lesson. We then drive to where we need to practice and at the end of the lesson recap on what we learnt during this lesson.

PLEASE NOTE we are fully booked but book now to start as soon as we can fit you in!        Manual lessons £40.00    Automatic lessons £40.00

Two Hour Lessons

resizedimage150150-speed-up-road-sign-www-shopcurious-comMuch the same as above but with only one start and end recap together with only one drive to where you need to practice the result is you learn much more than two of the one hour lessons. This will save you money as it will reduced total number of hours you require to achieve you test pass!

Manual lessons £80    Automatic lessons £80

Semi – intensive Courses

semi-intensive-driving-coursesThese are blocks of lessons over several weeks which will again reduce the total number of hours required.

The biggest problem here is finding the time to fit you in so it is not normally possible to do this but if you think it will suit you then it is worth contacting us to see if it is possible!

Intensive Courses

intensive-residential-driving-courses_2Now imagine doing everything in just a week! It can be hard going but with great accommodation (if required) and some ‘rest’ gaps (if required), it is easily within most peoples grasp.

Check out our course prices as not only will you pass so much quicker, it could also save you money!

The only downside is that it is not flexible as the other methods as it is based around a test at the end of the week so it is very important that you book the right course for your needs and ability!


resizedimage200102-traffic-cone-saleWe do not offer any discounts as the longer the lesson duration the more fuel we use and more wear & tear on the vehicle. However remember you will need less hours in total so in effect you will be getting a discount!

Do be wary of other schools offering discounts and `first four lessons only ???’ ask yourself why do they need to do this? Usually it is because they are struggling for work which suggests perhaps they are not quite so good as some of the others and are probably best avoided!