Residential Intensive Driving Courses

Residential intensive driving courses allow you learn to drive very quickly, and taking a ‘pass in a week driving course’ with Academy Intensive Limited can help you do this in a safe and controlled environment which is more ‘learner friendly’.

The Academy Intensive approach to teaching has proven time and time again to be more effective and significantly less stressful than learning to drive in the big city.

Obviously is it far quicker to pass your test by doing one of our crash courses, but there are far more advantages than this.

What are the advantages of the Academy Residential Intensive Driving Courses?

Compared with hourly lessons you will require far less hours ‘behind the wheel’ as you will save time by not having to do the ‘introduction/recap’ every lesson and there is far less chance of forgetting things which is what tends to happen with a weeks gap between lessons. This is also a great boost for giving confidence to nervous people.

Our roads though much quieter than those of a city still offer all the problems of traffic calming, dual-carriage ways and more but without all the stress of busy traffic.

The only downsides we can see from doing our residential intensive driving courses is that you cannot add in any extra hours so you need to make sure you book the correct course for your age & ability, also they can be very exhausting, however with the great accommodation we arrange for you and the inclusion of plenty of rest time this should not be a problem.

We also offer half and half courses which are very popular for long courses where you can come and do 20 to 25 hours have the weekend off and then return for the other 20 to 25 hours! Please check out our half & half page for more details or email us.

Where will I stay?

We arrange quality accommodation for you during your course but the costs have gone up and up recently so if you would prefer to arrange your own accommodation that is fine with us. For details and prices of all our courses without the accommodation included please visit Intensive Driving Courses.

Why you should book a course with Academy Intensive?

We believe we offer the best value as all our residential intensive driving courses include the following;

  • Great accommodation
  • One-to-one tuition from fully qualified, experienced instructors
  • The practical test which is arranged for the last hour of your last day
  • Voted Best UK Driving School 2016
  • Voted Best Residential Driving Course Provider 2018 – UK
  • Voted Intensive Driving Course Provider of the Year 2020/21
  • Voted Driving School of the Year (London & South East England) 2023/24 

When comparing prices with other schools remember to add in ALL the ‘extras’ like accommodation and test fees to their prices and you will then see our courses are fantastic value! Go to our compare prices page to see just how we compare against hourly lessons and the competition.

With over 20 years experience we pride ourselves on the quality of our tuition and accommodation so can book in complete confidence knowing that we have arranged everything for you, just look at our reviews!

Kings Lynn is easy to get to by train (we even meet you at the station), just 1.5 hours from London – we regularly train people from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and even Inverness!

What course should you choose?

Your success is our success but it will only happen if you book the correct course for your ability!  Please take your time to look at our full range of residential intensive driving courses and then choose the right one for the standard that you are already at! Please be very honest with yourself.

To help you decide we have some pointers for the standard you need to be at for each course, but you can always contact us if you need help deciding or require a different length of course.

We also do 45 and 50 hour courses which are over two weeks with the weekend off in the middle to rest and relax, but you are welcome to do this with any course from 30 hours and upwards. If you think this is for you then contact us for more details and prices!

3 day residential intensive driving courses

Just Failed or Near Perfect

Our 12 and 15 hour courses are designed for someone who has just failed a driving test and who’s driving is near perfect. This is spread out over 3 days and will give us time to correct any minor faults and to practice some mock driving tests.

Manual: from £885
Automatic: from £899

4 day residential intensive driving courses

Need a Polish?

Our 18 and 20 hour courses are for very good drivers who can get all the manoeuvres correct most of the time. Spread over 3.5 to 4 days it will give us time to put the polish on your driving skills.

Manual: from £1215
Automatic: from £1235

From £975 without accommodation

5 day residential intensive driving courses

The Most Popular

Our 25 hour course is our most popular course and is great if you have mastered the basics and can get the manoeuvres right some of the time. Over 5 days it is usually arranged from Monday to Friday, this should be enough time to improve all aspects of your driving skills.

Manual: £1615
Automatic: £1640

From £1295 without accommodation

6 day residential intensive driving course or crash driving course

Novice Driver

Our 30 hour course over 6 days is designed for the young novice with just a few hours previous experience or someone who is a bit older and has done many lessons but not picking things up very well.

Manual: £1895
Automatic: £1925

From £1495 without accommodation

7 day residential intensive driving course or crash course

Just Starting

Our 35 hour course being over 7 days is more for the young who have yet to start driving or for someone who is a bit older and has only had a few lessons.

Manual: £2155
Automatic: £2190

From £1675 without accommodation

8 day residential intensive driving course or crash driving course

Fully Comprehensive

Our 40 hour course is over 8 days and is recommended for anyone who has yet to start learning and for those who are already learning but feel that driving is not coming easy to them.

Manual: £2435
Automatic: £2475

From £1875 without accommodation