Skills Improvement Course

This course allows you to rapidly improve your driving ability without any pressure of a test at the end saving you weeks or even months of ‘weekly’ lessons.  It also allows you to return later to finish off your driving with a short course and a test or to return to your home area if you prefer.

Just look at all the advantages!

  • Reduce the time it takes to learn to drive by at least a month for every day you do with us!
  • No pressure to be ready for you test at the end of the course!
  • Fine tune the number of hours needed to pass your test! Saving time and possibly money too!
  • You can do a course when it suits you with no test to arrange you are free to choose when you want!
  • Allows you to choose where you would prefer to take your test to give you the best chance of a pass!
  • Make sure you are ready in time for your test! Simply book a course any time before your test is due!

We can even help you with your theory and include a theory test for just £35 extra!

The cost

You are really free to choose what hours suit you best but based on previous experience we would suggest the following;

10 hour course taken over 2 days, £319 for manual or £329 for automatic

15 hour course taken over 3 days, £479 for manual or £495 for automatic 

20 hour course taken over 4 days, £599 for manual or £619 for automatic

25 hour course taken over 5 days, £725 for manual or £749 for automatic

We can also arrange great accommodation for only £45 per night!