Bad Weather

Our bad weather policy

We are very lucky that we do not have many days when the weather is bad enough to cancel driving tests as the snow tends to miss us out. Having said this we would still like you to book your test in confidence that we will do the best we can to put things right should the worst happen hence the reason for the following policy;

Bad weather throughout

If the weather is bad from the start and does not look like clearing up during your course then we will be happy to rearrange the course for a later date or refund your money in full.

Bad weather at the end

If the weather changes for the worst during the course then we will refund or rearrange any of the course that you have not completed.

Bad weather just at the start

This is the worst thing to deal with as it does depend on the length of the course you have booked. The reason for this is that we have to give 3 clear working days notice to cancel a test we will lose the test fee should the test still go ahead. Therefore the best we can offer is to look at each case on it’s own merit and decide what would be the best option for you.