The Facts

Get the truth about intensive driving courses

Lots of people have got totally the wrong idea of intensive driving courses and would like to address a lot of misconceptions about them.

To do this we have put together some of the things that people have said and then put the actual facts in reply to them.

If we have missed any that you can think of then please email us so we can then include them as soon as we can!

FictionThey do not get enough experience on an intensive course!

Fact – People on our intensive courses get as much (usually more) experience behind the wheel compared with hourly lessons. We recommend 40 hours if people have never driven before which is more like 45 hours of hourly lessons in actual ‘driving terms’ so it is clearly better! Yes there are companies out there doing ‘shared tuition courses’ that have given intensive courses such a bad name as they end up only having around 20 hours behind the wheel which in our opinion is not enough!

FictionThe pass rate on intensive courses is so low!

Fact – We have a higher pass rate on intensive courses and the reason is quite simple. On your test you may go to somewhere you went 5 or 6 weeks ago doing hourly lessons but it would only be earlier that day or just the previous day doing an intensive course so you are far more likely to get it right!

FictionYou will not know where you are going on your test!

Fact – After several hours driving around the area you will be taking your test you will know where you are going, but if you really feel it will be a problem then do our Leap forward course and take your test local to you much earlier than you would have done!

FictionThey are a rip off as they do not allow you to take the test at the end

Fact – We have heard this a lot about some of the other companies but for us it is probably only about 5% of our customers who will not take the test at the end of the course as things have just not quite come together. Most of those return to finish things off so they were still happy with us and all that we had done for them!

FictionThey pass you on to second rate instructors

Fact – Our fully qualified instructors work for us all year round doing intensive courses and are highly recommended, yes most do trade under their own school name for hourly lessons out in the villages where they live but we find this arrangement works best for all of us.

FictionYou do the course then have to wait ages to get a test

Fact – We know some companies do this but we base the course around the test, which will be taken on the last hour of the last day as we feel this is the best option.

Now you have the facts we hope you are now convinced and ready to book but should you have any questions then just drop us a quick email for a prompt reply.