There are many funny moments teaching people to drive so I have started a blog page to share some of these moments with you. Maybe one day I will finally get round to finishing the book I keep saying I am going to write.

Now I will start by saying these are all true stories, I know some will be unbelievable but they are 100% true, the only thing changed are their names so as not to embarrass anyone. If you were one of the pupils you may remember it happening and if you remember one I have yet to cover then please let me know for future inclusion.

Next I will just like to put on record that I am not racist, or sexists, nor to I intend to be offensive in any way so if anyone feels I am at any time then I apologise as it was never intended.

So let’s get started…….

January 13th – Teaching the blind!

On today’s lesson with blonde Tracy, now before you ask yes she is a hairdresser and fits the stereotypical bimbo image some people have of blondes! We were on a boring piece of road so I thought I would start a conversation and it went something like this;

I am teaching a handicapped person next week’ I said.

‘Oh” she side “that will be different, what is their handicap?”

They are blind so that should be interesting!

I thought the penny might drop soon and she would see the funny side, but then this is blonde bimbo Tracy so it was never going to happen!

She had obviously been thinking about this and a bit later she said “do you teach many blind people?”

Not till recently” was my reply “but I taught one a while back and they go to a special school for people who cannot see (thought I would slip this in just in case she was not aware blind people cannot see) and they get talking so now I get several by recommendation”

“You can see we have changed the electric window controls so they can easily work out which one is the drivers as it is the only one with a dip on the switch” I wonder how many of you reading this will now be checking to see if you have a dip on yours?

I went on to say ‘ It will be a lot easier for them next year though, when they change all the road signs into Braille” surely she will pick up on this now!

Not a thought, I guess in blonde bimbo Tracy’s world blind people driving along feeling every road sign will be quite normal, bless her! Should I have explained?