Frequestly Asked Questions

We get asked the same questions again and again but sometimes it is impossible to include such information elsewhere on the website or it is there but just a bit hard to find so we have listed them here for you. Please email us if you have any that are not covered here!

Where are you based? We are in Kings Lynn, Norfolk which is on the east coast and easy to get to by train, just 1.5 hours from Kings Cross.

Is it a guaranteed pass? Nobody can ever guarantee you a pass so the short answer is no but you can see from the 300 reviews that we are very good at what we do! The long answer is some companies claim they guarantee you a pass and will offer ‘FREE’ training if you fail but they charge you so much more for the course or make it impossible for you to come back so we prefer to be 100% honest with our customers!

What if I were to fail? Sadly it does happen sometimes and if so we would advise you on what is best for you, most come back for a day or two but a lot of the fails are due to people booking too short a course so please be honest with yourself and save the need to come back. It is worth pointing out that if you were to fail for example on a 25 hour course you would still be 25 weeks closer to passing your test so it was still worth doing the course!

Can I do both Theory and Practical Tests in one course? It is almost impossible to do both together (we have managed to do a few) but we would not recommend doing both together as the pressure is too much. Then there is the problem if you were to fail the theory you are still stuck with finishing the rest of the course without a test at the end! If you desperately need to do both together then please email us for dates but it is unlikely to be any time soon!

Can I bring a partner? Sure you can, just email us your requirements & we can arrange a twin or double room or even two rooms, however there is an extra charge for these options. We should point out that they will not be allowed in the training vehicle whilst teaching.

Why do you have a London address? When we became a limited company a registered office was set up for us in City Road. We had no idea why but it helps in our Google ratings for London and we are trying to get the message to the people of London that we feel we offer a much better alternative we can see no point in changing it at the moment.

Can I book a course before doing my Theory? Usually no as you need to have passed your Theory before you can book a practical test slot, but sometimes we are able to ‘save’ a few test slots which will allow us to do this but we should point out there is a 5% risk of losing the test slot when swapping tests over!

Can I add extra days to the course if needed? We work towards the test that we have arranged at the end of the course so it will be impossible to move it back a day or two but we can start the course earlier if you let us know in good time! Better to have an extra day than be a day short!

What if I am not ready for my test at the end of the course? Sadly this does happen on occasions (usually because people have not booked a long enough course), if it does we cannot and will not allow you to take the test! If we realise in time & can give ‘3 working days’ notice then the test fee will be refunded or the test rearranged. If it is less than the 3 working days then you will lose the test fee paid! To be clear that means we need to decide on Monday for a Friday test!