Intensive Courses – are they any good?

We hear lots of myths about intensive courses so lets address some of them now;

You don’t learn as much or get as much experience on an intensive course!

I think this idea is based on courses with shared tuition, which is why we only offer one-to-one tuition! If you just looked at them on an hourly basis, for example 30 hours on an intensive course is at least equal to 30 ‘hourly’ lessons, the only difference is it is done in 6 days instead of 6 months! You will also have less ‘travelling time’ on an intensive course with less time to forget things between lessons making them better value than ‘hourly’ lessons as less time will be required!

The pass rate is so low on an intensive course!

We have a very good pass rate, but yes we do have some people fail their test and most of these are people who have not booked a long enough course for their ability so it is important to be honest when booking and give yourself the best chance of passing first time.

Just a little point here, if you were to fail your test at the end of the course you would still be that many hours (and many weeks) closer to passing your test which means the intensive course was still worthwhile!

Why choose Academy Intensive Limited?

It is difficult for any company to say they are the best but with so many 5 star reviews we do come highly recommended!

We have been voted Best UK Driving School 2016 and Best Residential Driving Course Provider 2018 UK

Below is a little video that will help compare us along side hourly lessons!

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