Funny Story 6

January 28th Waved to Mark 9 times today! January 29th - Highway Code Fails Blonde Tracey had her test today and was asked 'how do you check your tyres are in a road worthy condition'? her answer was, and I quote "I was worried about theses questions but thankfully you have asked me one that [...]

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Funny Story 4

January 21st Waved to Mark 6 times! January 22nd My lady on test today had Mad Mary as her examiner (she is not mad - or even Mary but we will call her that because we can do things like that in a story) and it was my first test with Mad Mary since Jan [...]

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Is it best to learn with an instructor or family member?

As a driving instructor I should be saying it is always best to learn with an instructor but I will actually be honest and look at the good points of both! Firstly the plus points for going with an instructor, and top of the list has to be safety! Our vehicles being fitted with dual-controls [...]

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