In a recent pole more than half of all young motorists reckon drivers should have to resit their driving test once they hit 60 years of age!

Sixty per cent of car users aged 18 – 34 questioned said they felt road safety in the UK would be improved if older motorists had to periodically take a mandatory refresher exam.

Across all age groups, 35 per cent said such a mature driver test should be introduced.

At present, drivers are required to renew their licence at 70 – and every three years afterwards – but it seems crazy they do not have to prove their continuing fitness behind the wheel.

My personal view is a resounding yes they should be retested and I saw a great TV program called ‘Taking their keys away’ which highlighted that only 25% could drive well. Another 50% with a quick brush up on their skills would be safe enough too! This leaves a whopping 25% which I for want of a better description, are just accidents waiting to happen!

I know taking their licence away can be viewed as taking away their independence but running a car is expensive so it would pay for a lot of taxi journeys and I am guessing the bad drivers do not travel much anyway!